New Publication Underway!

A new publication about Bemidji in the 1960s and 1970s is in the works. Some of the topics in the book will be the Bemidji Airport, Civil Air Patrol, Barbershop quartets & Sweet Adelines, Bemidji Belle & Paul Bunyan Playground, Events and Celebrations, the Lakeview Hotel Fire of 1964, Bemidji State Park, Weather, Businesses, Civil Defense, Concordia Language Village, Crazy Daze, Diamond Point Park, Gilfillan Center, Green Stamps, Ice Fishing & Ice Racing, Job Corps, North Central Airlines, Paul Bunyan Mall Opening, Sled Dog Races, Snowmobiles, the Vikings Football Camps (1961-1964) and much more!! Hopefully, the book will be ready for publication in summer 2017. If you have photos or ideas for this book, please feel free to contact the author via or at the address in Federal Dam listed below.


"Bermidji" Book CoverWelcome to This site focuses on the rich history of Bemidji and the surrounding area. It is meant to provide “I remember that! moments for those who’ve grown up in the Bemidji area. The Beltrami County History Center is another wonderful resource. This site is intended to supplement the more formal historical documentation of the region with the everyday aspects of life around Bemidji in the past 2 centuries.

Many tidbits of Bemidji history didn’t make it into my books about the region for various reasons. Many will be published here, so please check back occasionally for more articles and pictures. If you have any stories, photos or questions, please e-mail me at or contact me at the address below.

Cecelia Wattles McKeig, 11973 12th Ave NE, Federal Dam, MN 56641